Thursday, May 18, 2017

Online Registration is OPEN for ROUND#3 (Bryce Bike Park)

                                                    Brought to you by MAXXIS Tires

ROUND #1 Apr 29-30th:   Massanutten Yee Ha   (Results)

ROUND #2 May 6-7th:  Duryea Downhill (Results)

ROUND #3 June 3-4th:  Bryce Bike Park, VA  >  REGISTER ONLINE HERE & SAVE!

ROUND #4 July 15-16th: Wisp Resort, MD

ROUND #5 Aug 5-6th:  Blue Mountain Bike Park, PA 

ROUND #6 Aug 26-27th:  FINALS:  Timberline Resort, WV 

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