2017  Series Classes/Categories:

Pro Men
- Pro Women
- Cat 1 Men 0-18
- Cat 1 Men 19-29
- Cat 1 Men 30-39
- Cat 1 Men 40 +
- Cat 1 Women 0-99
- Cat 2 Men 0-18
- Cat 2 Men 19-29
- Cat 2 Men 30-39
- Cat2/3 Men 40+
- Cat 2/3 Women 0-99
- Cat 3 Men 0-18
- Cat 3 Men 19-29
- Cat 3 Men 30-39
- Cat 1/2/3 Men 50+
- Cat 1/2/3 Men  0-14

2017 NEW!:  Optional VET Pro Class:
Cost additional $25 per entry,  All entrants must be 35 or older, No Pro card or Pro experience necessary,  Racers still compete in their respective classes, race time will also apply to Vet Pro results.  Class award will be 100% payout to top three at each event.  Series champions awards at final.

* USA Cycling Annual or One Day licenses are required to race
**  USA Cycling now allows One Day licenses for Cat 2 or 3 ($10).  Also, cat 1 One Day at  ($25) available online
***   USA Cycling annual licenses can be purchased online

2017 Fees:   (In cooperation with venues)

Rates:  From $80 to $100
 We recommend Online registration to expedite process, reduce paperwork, time & $.  Registration On site will require additional time + paperwork and registrants will incur a $15 processing fee.
Note* Some venues reserve the right to close registration prior to Sunday!  

Practice Days:   All race fees include Saturday & Sunday practice and lift tickets at no additional charge!

Saturday and Sunday are now covered by USAC as official practice days.

 PURSE:  Pro:  100% Cash back + purse  & Award  3- places .  $1000 given large enough competitive fields.   Amateurs: Awards/Prizes  3 - places

Series Points:  Series points will be awarded based on category and event category finish position.  Series Final event will count as double points in the championship total.

Number Plates:  You will get one number plate for the season at no charge.  Please keep it and reuse it at subsequent races.  Replacement plates will cost $10 each.

NEW for 2017!  TEAM Competition:
TEAM SHEET -Sample...

Series Finals (Double points) will be held Aug 26-27 Timberline, WV


  1. I have 2 boys 10 and 9 that are pretty skilled on their BMX bikes racing expert class. They are riding local trails on Kona Stinky 24s, and hitting any 4 stair drop to flat they can find. We rode the expert trails at Swain last year and they were pushing their old man to say the least. Rode everything at Ray's. The only thing that makes me nervous would be unrollable drops taller than they are. What would they face course wise in the 14 and under class?

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  3. Do you need to be there for both days or is Saturday practice and Sunday the race day?

    1. Race Day is Sunday. Saturday is practice. Sunday am has an abbreviated practice with racing usually starting between 11 to 11:30am